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Dr. Josh Friedman

Dr. Josh Friedman


Through Josh’s knowledgeable support and thoughtful intervention, I have way more control over my moods than I ever thought possible.

Jean S.

I know now, that Josh is a very unique clinician and I am so grateful for the work we did! I finally feel like myself, or a better, more knowledgeable version of myself.

Matty J.

The mental health community is fortunate to have his unique and profound knowledge about the underlying causes of depression!

Kendra McCallie, LCSW

Within a few weeks of taking supplements based on the findings of some testing, we addressing lifelong depression issues that had a radical effect on my wellbeing.

Melissa R.

I cannot begin to share my gratitude for Dr. Friedman. My life, and those of many others I’ve referred to him, is forever changed for the better.

Nora M.

The passion and caring that he shows makes him a truly wonderful choice as a practitioner.

Trudy Scott, CN

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Free Presentations

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