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What clients are saying

Within a week I noticed dramatic changes in my overall behavior, health, anxiety, and happiness!

“I first went to Dr. Friedman due to overwhelming intrusive thoughts and anxiety.

Before seeing him, there were days where I couldn’t imagine every having a quality of life without anxiety. It seemed nothing was working and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

After meeting Dr. Friedman and pursing some functional medicine testing, he suggested certain supplements to restore health to the parts of my body that were depleted in nutrients.

Now half a year later, I can go weeks without any trace of anxiety and for the first time in my life I have felt “normal.”.

Dr. Friedman is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have ever encountered.

He changes lives and his guidance has completely changed my overall happiness, quality of life and health. He strives to always be accessible to help his patients, and without him my life would not be the same.

I owe my newfound emotional freedom and happiness to Dr. Friedman.”

Lynn T.

When my therapist suggested seeing Josh Friedman, she threw me a lifeline.

“I have anxiety and fibromyalgia, but I had developed severe mood swings and was heartbroken over some recent losses in my life.

Josh was able to identify supplements that have turned my life around. I feel like I’m myself again. I have a sense of stability but now I can be flexible with what life sends my way.

It’s wonderful!”

Laura F.

It was like I could finally open up the curtains and let some sunshine into my brain.

“I came for help with anxiety and depression.

Josh really looked at the whole picture, how my mental and physical health is connected.

Within a few weeks of taking supplements based on the findings of some testing,
I was addressing depression and lifelong digestive problems that had a radical effect on my wellbeing.

I could sleep. I could focus, and I felt much less depressed.

I couldn’t believe it!”

Melissa R.

I am lucky.

“I was referred to Dr. Friedman by my regular therapist at a time when I had become depressed. I have never been a ‘medicine person’ so the idea of taking antidepressants just wasn’t for me.

At my first meeting he provided information to help me understand the role of diet and amino acids in depression. He suggested some specific tests to make sure we were on the right track.

Josh worked closely with me over the next few days and then weeks to fine-tune my program. I was amazed that within 36 hours my mind was calm and the suicidal thoughts had diminished.

I have since been able to return to my regular therapy schedule and with the support of the amino acids and other supplements have made great progress. I am grateful to have such an amazing resource.”

Sue P.

“Before seeing Dr. Friedman my feelings felt unpredictable. Now I feel happy and confident.”

-Connor, Age 12

We are truly grateful.

“As a parent, it is difficult to see your child struggle with overwhelming, sad, and irritable emotions.

Over the years, we have tried many treatment options, with minimal improvement. We met with Dr. Friedman, and he suggested a regimen of supplements after a comprehensive interview.

The mood improvement our tween experienced was remarkable. In a very short amount of time, he began to smile more often, told us he felt happy, and began seeking out friend connections and outings.

In his eyes we now see hope and joy. Thank you!”

Julia E., Connor’s mom

I never thought I would feel like myself again, and I am so thankful for his help.

“Dr. Josh Friedman was recommended to me from a friend. I have suffered for years from PTSD, Major Depression, Compassion Fatigue, Severe Anxiety, and Anhedonia.

Dr. Friedman helped me find alternative ways to mitigate my symptoms and I felt relief within hours, and have had continued relief for many months now.”

Abby G.

Words truly cannot express my deep gratitude for this man and his help.

“I struggled with depression for most of my life. About six years ago, I finally gave in and sought professional help from a psychiatrist. I filled out a brief health history form and he sat me down on the couch to ask me a few questions. That was all the info he needed to make his diagnosis, “major depressive disorder”.

He prescribed me some drugs and told me to check back in a few weeks to see how I felt. The drugs actually helped a bit at first, but I fell back into depression shortly afterward.

I continued to struggle over the next few years. During that time, I saw several psychiatrists and they all had a similar method of diagnosing and treating me. They asked me a few questions, diagnosed me with some vague-sounding disorder, and sold me some drugs.

Unfortunately, this approach almost killed me.

In 2013, I checked into a mental hospital for a suicide attempt. I had no history of anything like this ever before. Nobody had any idea why I was so sick. I was in a dark place and I was afraid.

Thankfully, I found Dr. Friedman shortly after being released from that hospital. He explained there could be a dozen or more physical conditions that could be causing my symptoms and the only way to accurately diagnose me was to test for the “usual suspects”, as he put it.

After testing, he identified several probable causes for my symptoms, including a major deficiency in one important trace mineral. Dr. Friedman recommended over the counter supplements to treat the deficiencies we found, as well as some dietary changes.

What followed were three years of freedom from depression. I have had no mental health issues whatsoever for three years and I took no drugs at all! Every area of my life has been so much better than before.

I was like a light switch turned on in my head and my whole world changed.

After seeing my profound and sustained recovery, about a dozen of my family and friends have been treated by Dr. Friedman for various issues with positive results.”

Jeff T.

From near disabled to happy, thriving and successful.

“Dr. Friedman helped me gain my life back in a way I never thought possible. Where previously I had learned to grit my teeth and barely manage my depression and OCD, Josh actually addressed the underlying physical causes and freed me from their grip. I have Josh to thank for my new lease on life. Thank you!”

Daniel C.

I would highly recommend the services provided.

“I was extremely satisfied with my experience consulting with Dr. Josh Friedman. His guidance and intuitive counsel helped me realize my goal of managing depression, stress and anxiety.

Blending advice about nutrition, supplements, mindful meditation and relaxation techniques helped me to achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing.

I learned a great deal from our discussions and was able to successfully integrate the information, creating behavior changes in my own life.”

Steve J.

I will never forget my first call with Josh.

“I am writing to thank Josh for his life-altering treatment this past fall. I’m a psychotherapist in Washington DC, and I came to Josh through a referral from my therapist.

Two years ago I made a lifestyle change to eating only whole foods and eliminating sugar from diet. I felt great and I lost a good amount of weight.

After 12 months of eating with integrity, I was utterly shocked to find myself BINGEING on chocolate each night. I felt totally confused and utterly helpless. Somehow, at the age of 40, I had developed a binge eating disorder.

I spent a year in therapy, looking into triggers, studying my patterns, exploring my feelings about my body and food.

Nothing helped!

Finally, my therapist suggested a consultation with Josh, in an effort to look at what was happening with my neurotransmitters.

He identified hypoglycemia in five minutes. I was amazed that he could put the pieces of my story together so quickly. It made so much sense.

Through testing we identified several other imbalances to target.

He explained the pattern of my problem and outlined a course of treatment. He actually e-mailed a plan before our call had ended!

He gave me several books to read and checked in by e-mail nearly daily.

It took about three months of tweaking to get the supplements and the eating pattern correct.

The bingeing just fell away as if it had never been there.

I have carefully adjusted the types of food I was eating and the times I ate to keep my blood sugar stable.

I was also able to take what I learned and help several members of my family with undiagnosed hypoglycemia.

I can’t thank Josh enough!

It is so discouraging to know there is something wrong, to seek out treatment and have no real success in finding relief.

I know now that Josh is a very unique clinician and I am so grateful for the work we did! I finally feel like myself, or a better, more knowledgeable version of myself.

After a year of looking for answers, he was able to really get me on track in only a few weeks! I’m forever grateful.”

Matty J.

I have hope again.

“When I first met Dr. Friedman, I had suffered from major depression for a little over a year. Despite months of therapy and strong support from family and friends, I continued to struggle.

When I tried an antidepressant, I had a terrible reaction to it, ended up in the emergency room, and became terrified to try another one. I needed more help for my depression then therapy alone, but the traditional route of taking antidepressants was not going to work for me.

When I decided to see Dr. Friedman to discuss alternatives to antidepressants, I was at a dangerously low point in my life and had no hope that I would ever get better.

At my first appointment, I found Dr. Friedman to be very kind and was impressed that he took the time to understand my health history. He also spent time educating me about how brain and body imbalances impact one’s mental health.

I followed the supplement schedule that he recommended, and I was astounded to find immediate relief in my depressive symptoms. Some functional testing gave information to make the supplements work even better.

I can now function fairly well in my daily life, sleep better, and am no longer suicidal. The supplements I take have given me a sense of emotional stability and shortly after starting them I finally began to make progress in tackling my harder issues in therapy. I cannot express how much difference this has made in my life.”

Samantha L.

I can’t believe how simple the solution was.

“I was referred to Dr. Friedman by my therapist when I began having increasing depression, anxiety, restlessness, racing thoughts, and poor concentration.

I had started to self-medicate for these feelings with alcohol, diet restriction, and other high-risk behaviors. After talking with Dr. Friedman he determined that I was protein malnourished, therefore I was not giving my brain the nutrition that it needed to function.

Dr. Friedman started me on supplements and explained the importance of amino acids and brain function. He also gave me many recommendations for improving my diet and increasing protein intake.

I went back to him weekly for about a month, each week we would talk about what had improved and what could be worked on and made adjustments accordingly.

With the supplements and a diet change as recommended by Dr. Friedman, I noticed immediate results.

Within the first two days I was able to sit down and rest, without my mind racing. I could now complete my thoughts and tasks. Within the first week I started to feel more at peace with being alone and less depressed.

For a long time I thought the way I felt everyday was normal.

When it began to spiral out of control, I called out for help and his help has brought me to a happier and more peaceful place, a place I did not know existed.”

Emily N.

I feel better.

“Working with Josh on my depression has been incredibly helpful.

Through Josh’s knowledgeable support and thoughtful intervention, I have way more control over my moods than I ever thought possible.

I am no longer plagued with depression previously only numbed with traditional psychiatric medication.

He has helped me address all aspects of my depression and taught the interventions most effective for me.

In addition to the guidance on supplements and nutrition for depression, Josh has led me to other interventions, which help me stabilize.

A simple yoga practice or 5 minutes of intentional breathing can make all the difference when depression begins to resurface.

I’m incredibly grateful for Josh’s help.”

It has made a tremendous difference in my life.

“I began working with Josh to explore some alternative treatments for anxiety and depression. Josh was patient and thorough in discussing a variety of options with me.

At his suggestion, I took my first yoga class, which turned out to be an important first step in learning to listen to my body and quiet my mind.

Josh provided me with recommended reading, and together we decided micronutrient and other simple blood testing might be helpful in determining the root cause of my issues. This testing helped me to pinpoint specific nutrient deficiencies, and Josh helped me sort through the test results and find the supplements I needed.

I continued to feel better, but ultimately decided to follow Josh’s recommendation to try a 30-day elimination diet. I was very reluctant to do this, but it proved to be the biggest breakthrough for me. At the end of the 30 days, it was quite clear that I needed to make some major changes to my diet. I now follow a whole food, modified Paleo diet, and have done so for almost a year. I have always been skeptical of diet-based therapies, but after making the changes, I have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly and feel happier.

I can’t thank Josh enough for his kind guidance throughout this process.

He is smart, caring and always willing to discuss new research and ideas. In addition to his background in nutrition, I think Josh’s background as a psychologist and as a certified yoga instructor, provide a unique skill set in helping people find integrative solutions to their mental and physical health needs.”

Jane D.

I never knew life could be this happy and at ease!

“I met Dr. Josh Friedman in September of 2010 during the most desperate time in my life. I was having panic attacks daily while living in a constant state of anxiety and deep, deep depression.

I had met with other mental heath professionals who seemed to only be focused on getting me on any sort of psychiatric medication. Though I have no issue with these types of medicines, I knew they weren’t what I wanted for myself, if I could help it.

Dr. Friedman gave me an alternative!

In our first visit, after truly listening to my issues, he talked to me about neurotransmitters and amino acids. How simple diet changes and supplements had the potential for drastic changes in my mental health.

Realizing that I needed it, he provided me with further reading and research, which I began immediately. He helped me start my regimen of familiar things like fish oil and B vitamins, as well as some less known such as GABA and L-tryptophan, while also ensuring I was consciously adding good protein into my diet.

Within the first day or two, I was sleeping at night. Panic attacks went from daily to weekly to monthly to rarely. And, when I did feel them rising to the surface, I had tools–I had some control back.

Dr. Friedman was with me every step of the way, listening and guiding me, working to try different doses of nutritional supplements, always conscious of my thoughts in the process. One of my fears of being put on psychiatric medication was the thought of having to take it for the rest of my life.

With Dr. Friedman by my side, I stopped regularly taking my amino acids about four years ago, only using them now when I need a little support. It’s been over five years since I began working with Dr. Friedman and my 2010-self is shocked to say I don’t remember the last time I had a panic attack.

I cannot begin to share my gratitude for Dr. Friedman, his expertise, his bedside manner, he dedication to his field and his clients. My life, and those of many others I’ve referred to him, is forever changed for the better.”

Nora M.

Not sure where I’d be right now if I hadn’t found Josh.

“I was referred to Josh through a friend of mine who also studies nutrition. Trying supplements was my last ditch effort in dealing with my diagnoses of major depression and anxiety disorders.

I tried exercise, getting adequate sleep, and four different types of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. Each different medication caused a severe allergic reaction or caused extra side effects that made the situation worse.

Josh took time to meet with me and went over my questionnaire and assessment I filled out. He didn’t rush things like many doctors at clinics do, asked a lot of questions and always asked if I had any other things I wanted to add. My history with family, illness, and surgeries made me a very complicated case, but Josh came up with a regime for me.

The testing he suggested helped us figure out where to go with the supplements. I didn’t even know that was possible.

I have been on this schedule of supplements for more than six months now and I feel a night and day difference. I did not have any side effects from the supplements and I don’t have anxiety filled days, and I’m able to sleep at night again.


Abby C.

It’s like coming back to life–a very good life.

“Dr. Josh Friedman really knows his science and combines that knowledge with an open mind and a generous heart. It’s the best of all combinations.

With Josh’s support and guidance, I am finally free of medication and substance abuse for the first time in 20+ years.

I can’t thank Josh enough for it.”

Merlene D.

The effects of the supplements were such a big surprise.

“As a physician, I tend to be somewhat skeptical of ‘alternative therapies’.

However, my cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates were so strong that I was unable to resist them, and as a result I had a very difficult time losing weight.

As a last resort, I contacted Dr. Friedman who evaluated me for neurotransmitter deficiencies, and suggested amino acid supplements to help correct them.

Within two weeks of starting the supplements, my cravings were gone and my appetite had diminished to such an extent that I have been able to eat a healthy, brain-supporting diet and have not even been interested in the sweets and other junk food that I previously found impossible to resist.”

Carla M.

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