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What practitioners are saying

The passion and caring that he shows makes him a truly wonderful choice as a practitioner.

“I love that Dr. Friedman combines nutrition, functional medicine, yoga stress management tools, and lifestyle changes in his innovative treatment approach for mental health.”

Trudy Scott, CN

Nutritionist and Author "The Antianxiety Food Solution"

Our community is fortunate to have his unique and profound knowledge about the underlying causes of mental health symptoms.

“Over the past eight years I have worked collaboratively with Dr. Friedman to assist my clients in their mental health needs.

When I have had a client with intractable depression or anxiety and I have exhausted the 'standard' psychotherapy and psychiatric routes, Dr. Friedman has come through to find the actual CAUSE of their symptoms.

Through his expertise about biomedical markers, he has helped these clients experience actual relief and improved quality of life by helping them discern needed changes in their nutrition, supplements, and functional laboratory testing that has been the 'missing link' in their overall treatment.”

Kendra McCallie, LCSW, RYT

Psychotherapist and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Specialist

He is highly trained and experienced in what he does, and the positive impact of his interventions cannot be overstated.

"A client under my care was suffering from severe anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation that not only interfered with her ability to enjoy life, but severely compromised her capacity to engage fully in our work.

To add to the complexity of her case, she had experienced a very distressing reaction to a prescribed antidepressant and so was afraid to pursue that avenue again.

Less than a week after implementing just a few of Dr. Friedman’s nutritional suggestions, my client's mood improved significantly and she was no longer experiencing thoughts of suicide.

After doing some testing, he made some changes and several weeks later her anxiety decreased. She became more positive and hopeful about her situation, and has since been able to make great strides in therapy.

This is not the first time Dr. Friedman’s worked has helped one of my clients.”

Anne Barker, LCSW

Psychotherapist Specializing in Couples Therapy

He is a truly resourceful mine of information.

“Dr. Friedman has amassed a vast body of knowledge around the application of Functional Medicine in treating mental health disorders.

He and I have collaborated on a variety of cases and he has consistently been able to help the clients achieve significant symptom reduction using nutritional and lifestyle interventions by addressing underlying contributing factors.

I consistently hear from mutual clients that he is a skilled, present, and caring clinician.”

Adrian Martin, MS, CMFT, LIMHP

Psychotherapist Specializing in Couples Therapy

Dr. Friedman is tenacious in his work to find the best interventions for each individual.

“As a mental health professional, I appreciate both consulting with Dr. Friedman and referring clients to him for further assessment and support.

While I believe firmly in the power of therapy to help clients alleviate their mental health concerns, it is often not the whole answer.

Whether added to therapy or as a stand-alone intervention, Dr. Friedman's nutritional mental health and mind/body approach empowers people to make changes to their lives which positively impact emotional stability.

Great relief can be achieved when the correct simple interventions are applied.”

Bonnie Sarton Mierau, LICSW

Psychotherapist Specializing in Trauma

His tireless research reveals a knowledge base that conventional nutrition and psychiatry have yet to reach.

“For 15 years, I have had the deep pleasure and fortune to work collaboratively and personally with Josh Friedman.

Very early on, Josh had the wisdom and intuition to see anxiety and depression from an integral psycho-physiological perspective.

Josh's knowledge base is both broad and deep, and he is definitely a great resource for patients and their mental health clinicians.”

Dr. Paul Lichtenberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

Consistently clients return to my office with gratitude and results.

“I've referred several of my clients who suffer with depression or anxiety to Dr. Friedman for his input about nutritional options.

Many of these people had been switched from one medication to the next with no tangible benefit, but desperately wanted to feel better.

They highlight Dr. Friedman's thorough and compassionate approach to find solutions that made a positive difference in their lives.”

Terry Moore, MSW

Psychotherapist Specializing in Hypnosis

He is a pleasure to work with and helps me get complex clients better ASAP.

“Treatment resistant mental health symptoms are rarely due to "just one thing."

Illness, injury, medication use, food choices, gastrointestinal issues, and other issues- any of these factors, alone or in combination with psychological variables, can keep you trapped in a low mood.

Fortunately, advances in nutritional assessment and markers of gut health and other physical makers make it possible for the properly trained professional to sort things out and help get you back on track.

I trust Dr. Josh Friedman to help my clients whose symptoms are unresponsive to psychotherapy or neurofeedback. I like his holistic mindset, his collaborative manner, and his commitment to help get people better.”

Dr. Lisa Merrifield, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Neurofeedback

He offers a great alternative for those who cannot or prefer not to take pharmaceuticals.

“A number of my clients have seen Dr. Friedman, and have found his recommendations very effective to treat their depression and anxiety.

My clients find him likable and easy to talk to.

I have learned from him, and am happy to have Dr. Friedman and his expertise as a resource.”

Ardi Schoonover, LIMHP

Psychotherapist Specializing in Trauma and EMDR

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